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Statok.Biz - having thought about everything, they decided to create a new top rating..!...
Top Rule Rules
1) On Statok.Biz you must put the code that you put on the bottom of your site after you finish it.
2) It is forbidden to place the code in Statok.Biz on any other site, except for the site where it is located, so the site will be deactivated if this happens to us.
3) The site that you registered with Statok.Biz should not be moved to another site, and if this happens to us, your site will be deactivated.
4) If you put a Statok.Biz counter on the site, your site will be automatically activated by SYSTEM, or, if you have not done so, your site will deactivate your site.
5) Statok.Biz - if the word “DeActive” is written on you, you should write a letter to the technical support section of your panel to find out exactly what kind of violation you have committed, and you will be answered quickly.
6) The Statok.Biz website warns you that the Sites that are not respected in the above rules will be deactivated
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